About ADC

Overview & Mission

The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) is the nation’s premier membership organization serving America’s defense communities. ADC represents 200 communities, states and regions with a significant military presence, and partner organizations. ADC unites the diverse interests of communities, state governments, the private sector and the military on issues of base closure and realignment, community-military partnerships, defense real estate, mission growth, mission sustainment, military privatization, military families/veteran support and base redevelopment.


ADC is a unique, dynamic organization with a 35-year history of linking communities, states, the military and the private sector on four major issues:

  • Community-Military Collaboration – Advancing partnerships that promote the value of military installations and strengthen communities and states through effective military-community relationships and sustainable regional planning.
  • Installation Change – Supporting communities and states to address changes in military infrastructure and their impacts on the local and regional economies.
  • Public/Private Partnerships – Cultivating private sector resources to support military infrastructure, energy security, environmental remediation and conservation.
  • Military Families/Veterans - Helping communities and states understand current and future challenges facing military families and veterans and advancing effective solutions.


ADC connects communities, states, the military and the private sector on community-military issues to provide a unique value, including:

  • A forum for the DoD installation community;
  • A venue to connect with DoD and the military services;
  • An advisor to identify and advance policy issues;
  • A link between the public and private sector; and
  • A resource of valuable information and educational opportunities.


Bringing together ADC’s mission and value to its members, a vision for the association in 2015 emerges:

  • ADC is the voice of America’s communities and states with a significant defense presence – the leading national organization supporting communities and states in dealing with the impacts of defense infrastructure changes.
  • ADC is recognized for advancing installation efficiency and innovation that support communities by creating public-private partnerships and leveraging DoD investment in mission-critical needs.
  • ADC is the leader in supporting communities after base closure or defense downsizing and promoting the efficient and productive redevelopment of former military property.
  • ADC is a voice for communities and states in downsizing policy discussions and serves as an information clearinghouse for the process.
  • ADC is a valued resource for high-quality, original information on key issues impacting defense communities.


  • Be the leading voice and resource for defense communities through the current military drawdown as they deal with the impacts to installations, industry and people.
  • Expand and enhance collaboration among installations, communities and industry.
  • Ensure base closure communities have the tools, funding and support to provide for the efficient cleanup, transfer and redevelopment of former military property.
  • Continue to serve as the knowledge leader on policy and budget issues affecting defense communities and installations.
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