• Outsourcing, Mission Changes to Shape Installation of the Future

    Outsourcing, Mission Changes to Shape Installation of the Future1

    The Army’s real property footprint can be expected to evolve incrementally as past decisions about the role of the service’s installations continue to exert a critical influence on its infrastructure, according to an appendix in the Army’s new strategic framework for supporting its installation requirements. But several changes already are shaping the installation of the future, starting with a trend toward greater outsourcing for both installation and mission support activities. The extent to which an installation can rely on the surrounding community for support services — including housing, childcare, recreation and retail — will depend on local conditions …

  • Nonprofit Builds Lake Trail for Military Families at Naval Station Mayport0

    Starting next month, sailors and their families living at Naval Station Mayport will be able to enjoy the first phase of a community-led project to enhance access to a lake at the center of a housing development at the Jacksonville base. The $1.4 million project is the brainchild of Sharon Ellis, who started True Blue: Navy Families Benefactors in 2012 to improve the quality of life for Navy families. When the project is complete, there will be a mile-long paved walkway circling the lake, a canoe and kayak launch on the dock, and a concrete path and pavilion near a newly built playground on the lake’s west side …

  • Army Posts Outline Changes to MWR Programs to Deal with Funding Cuts

    Army Posts Outline Changes to MWR Programs to Deal with Funding Cuts0

    A handful of Army installations have outlined planned reductions in family and morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) programs as the service expects to cope with a $105 million cut in fiscal 2017 funding for such activities. On Aug. 31, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, commander of Installation Management Command, announced the Army would be absorbing a 23 percent cut in its budget for family and recreation programs, with the funding shifted to higher priorities that support readiness. Fort Carson, Colo., for example, “will continue to rely significantly on borrowed military manpower from the 4th Infantry Division to sustain hours of operation and reduced pricing in our fitness centers and aquatics programs.” The reduction in overhead costs for MWR support services has resulted in a substantially smaller workforce at the post …

  • Army to Recognize Outstanding Community Partnerships0

    The Army is launching a new awards program to recognize partnerships between installations and communities that enhance readiness through installation support services. “Partnering with federal, state and local governments to find creative solutions to challenges is especially important during times of constrained resources,” according to a memo announcing the competition from Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham, assistant chief of staff for installation management. The awards program will be incorporated into the Army Community of Excellence program in the future. The inaugural awards competition is open to all partnerships signed in fiscal 2015 or 2016 by garrisons, reserve centers and armories. Partnerships can include memorandums of understanding, memorandums of agreement, cooperative agreements, educational agreements, leases or licenses, mutual aid agreements or intergovernmental support agreements …

  • Budget Constraints to Trigger Service Cuts to Army’s MWR Programs

    Budget Constraints to Trigger Service Cuts to Army’s MWR Programs2

    Family and morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) programs, such as fitness and community centers and libraries, will be scaled back at Army installations in fiscal 2017 as the service absorbs a 23 percent cut in funding for those activities. Cuts in service may be implemented through reduced operating hours, higher customer fees or elimination of certain activities. Decisions on where to make cuts will be made at the garrison level after installations determine which programs are most affordable and popular, reported Stars and Stripes. The Army estimates it will receive a $105 million cut for family and recreation programs in FY 2017 …

  • IMCOM to Provide Base Support at Eastern European Locations0

    The Army’s Installation Management Command will be assuming responsibility for base operations at locations in Bulgaria and Romania that are serving as hubs for U.S. military training missions. IMCOM-Europe will add 49 jobs to camps at Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria and Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, reported Stars and Stripes. Army staff at those two locations will be under the command of the garrison at Ansbach, Germany. “We think we can get in there and we can provide a service to U.S. Army Europe and quite frankly free them to focus on their core competencies, which are preparing formations and … to assure allies and deter enemies,” said Michael Formica, region director for IMCOM-E. The military will rotate larger formations through the training sites in the year ahead as part of DOD’s effort to enlarge its presence in Eastern Europe. Services delivered by IMCOM-E will be limited however. “We have a philosophy — Spartan plus wifi,” Formica said. “We’re not building little Americas inside those camps. We’re going to make sure we have those essentials covered.”