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2011 Budget Compromise on the Way to the President

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  • April 14, 2011
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More than six months into fiscal year 2011, the president is on the verge of signing a spending bill to keep the government operating until the start of the next fiscal year. The House and the Senate Thursday passed the budget agreement that averted a government shutdown one week ago.

While the measure trims FY 2011 spending for most agencies, DOD benefits from a $5 billion increase compared to last year’s allocation. Still, the $513 billion in base defense spending will force the department to get by with $18 billion less than the president requested for this year.

Military construction spending will be down $6.6 billion from FY 2010, primarily due to a $5.1 billion drop in funding for BRAC 2005 as implementation winds down. The measure provides $2.35 billion to carry out the round, reflecting a $200 million cut from the administration’s request. It allocates $360.5 million for cleanup of bases closed in the first four rounds, matching the department’s 2011 request. That represents a $136 million drop from last year’s funding level.

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