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2011: The Year that Was

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  • December 22, 2011
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I’ll try to tell you everything I remember,

That’s not much, but it should take us through December.

At the year’s start, ADC was making preparation,

To launch a brand new Web 2.0 creation.

No more waiting for news at a snail’s pace,

Defense Communities 360 would catch up with the rat race.

February marked the start of a more frequent schedule,

A daily e-mail to cover all things federal.

At first it seemed daunting to feed the daily beast

Until it became clear, writing 360 was like picking from a feast.

After 1,100 stories in all this year, I have not a hint

How did I use to cover, all the news that’s fit to print.

Talking about deadlines, I think we all could agree,

Meeting the BRAC implementation target on Sept. 15 would be key.

But despite all the attention paid to the potential that DOD would be late,

Apparently all but two recommendations satisfied that date.

That’s not to say, all went off without a hitch,

For if you lived in Northern Virginia, there were warnings traffic would not be a cinch,

So when it came to opening up Alexandria’s Mark Center,

The region’s delegation tried to post a sign saying ‘Do Not Enter.’

Now to Congress, there’s a real mess,

You never know what to expect,

Will the government’s doors be closed, or will the nation merely default on its debt.

One major milestone, was the stepping down of Robert Gates,

He earned the nation’s highest civilian honor because of his many strong character traits.

Still, ADC is happy they’re giving Leon Panetta a crack,

A man from Monterey who knows a thing or two about BRAC.

Which brings us to the biggest story of the year,

The one about budget cuts and defense communities’ greatest fear.

The smart money’s betting on a new base closure round,

The only question is when on the calendar will it be found.

Maybe Santa and his reindeer will complete their mission,

And save us from this doomsday vision.

Here’s hoping that sequestration’s bark is worse than its bite,

Happy Holidays to all, and to all, a good night.

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