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A Strong Case Can Be Made for Hiring a Veteran, Institute Argues

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  • March 19, 2012
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Military veterans possess a unique set of skills, character traits and experience which can benefit almost any organization, according to a recent paper from Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran” goes beyond the leadership abilities and mission focus commonly associated with service members, and relies on a comprehensive review of academic literature to demonstrate the value in hiring individuals with a military background. One of the papers most significant findings is that veterans are entrepreneurial and are twice as likely as non-veterans to pursue business ownership after leaving service, according to a post in the White House’s Joining Forces blog.

The paper’s other main conclusions:

  • veterans assume high levels of trust;
  • veterans are adept at skills transfer across contexts;
  • veterans exhibit advanced team-building skills;
  • Veterans leverage advanced technical training;
  • veterans are comfortable in uncertain or rapidly changing settings;
  • veterans exhibit high levels of resiliency;
  • veterans exhibit strong organization commitment;
  • veterans leverage cross-cultural experiences; and
  • veterans have experience in diverse work settings.
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