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ADC Policy Forum Considers Strategy to Extend Community-Military Partnerships

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  • May 9, 2011
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About 80 leaders from defense communities, the Defense Department, Congress and the private sector came together Monday in Washington to talk about the benefits of community-military partnerships and what steps policymakers can take to expand their use.

The topic is particularly relevant as DOD faces declining budgets and installation officials look for ways to stretch their base operating support budgets further.

Community-military partnerships commonly take the form of intergovernmental services agreements between installations and a local, regional or state entity to provide services or facilities that reduce the military’s operating costs and enhance its mission.

Speakers introduced the topic by describing the city of Monterey, Calif.’s model for providing municipal services to the Presidio of Monterey and the Naval Postgraduate School, examples of how these agreements can go beyond municipal services, and the potential for DOD to recognize and support community-military planning organizations.

During breakout sessions, participants developed ideas and strategies for the next steps defense communities can take to advance the concept of community-military partnerships.

“Our goal today is to begin the process of taking the concept of public-public partnerships to a new level that increases the value of them for the military and the public sector,” ADC President John Armbrust said at the outset of the ADC Defense Policy Forum, Promoting Efficiency and Innovation through Public-Public Partnerships.

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