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Administration Seeks Additional Defense Cuts

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  • September 29, 2011
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New guidance coming from the White House seeks an additional $25 million in long-term Defense Department cuts in addition to the $464 billion in cuts already being sought, according to defense analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute.

According to Thompson, the additional cuts will come from the Department of Defense rather than the Department of Veteran’s Affairs because cutting the veteran’s budget was seen as politically untenable.

In order to find the source for the budget cuts, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta scheduled the first-ever budget meeting with the heads of the military’s geographic commands in addition to other military and civilian senior leaders in the Pentagon.  It is reported that the meeting will be a free-flowing and open discussion on budget priorities and a way to solicit input on budget priorities.

With the newly announced cuts, the Defense Department is being asked to find $489 billion in long-term cuts.  Moreover, if the Congressional super committee does not reach agreement, there will be automatic defense cuts of $600 million, which would be in addition to the $489 billion in cuts that are currently being sought.

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