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Air Force Looks to Grow EUL Program

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  • March 31, 2013
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Air Force officials have set a goal of realizing $5 billion in net present value through the service’s enhanced use leasing (EUL) program by 2020.

The net present value of existing EULs is an estimated $249.2 million, reports the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC). The center also has 25 projects in different EUL development phases worth an estimated $696 million in net present value.

AFCEC has been working on several fronts to meet its target. For one, officials have streamlined the acquisition process for EULs.

“We are constantly refining our EUL process to develop projects and get them to market quickly to take advantage of the opportunities the marketplace offers,” said Brian Brown, AFCEC’s Strategic Asset Utilization Division chief.

Another step critical to success is ensuring there is installation “buy-in” before going ahead with an EUL project, said Cliff Robertson, an EUL project manager with the center.

“The installation is required to commit resources, especially a project ‘champion,’ to support the project from identification through lease execution,” Robertson said. “Without installation buy-in and commitment, the opportunity will not proceed.”

Officials also look to the community and commercial marketplace to determine the viability of a proposed project. “We like working with communities and we like embracing their ideas because usually the communities already know what will and won’t work,” Brown said.

In a short time, the program has evolved from “a bureaucracy-bound leasing function,” Brown said. “‘Business as usual’ is not an option. But, a business mindset may offer the best tools to overcome budget headwinds and improve operational efficiency,” he said.

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