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Air Force Sustains Surplus Infrastructure, Secretary Says

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  • October 23, 2011
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Even after completing BRAC 2005, the Air Force maintains “excess infrastructure,” with the issue expected to worsen as the service continues to retire additional aircraft, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said during a speech on Capitol Hill Thursday.

“The Air Force is [going to] get smaller,” Donley said, according to the Air Force Association. “We are going to retire additional aircraft and capabilities. That will only put more pressure on the issue of excess infrastructure.”

Officials haven’t yet settled on a course of action to address the problem. “We understand the sensitivities … and we will work through that issue inside DOD before we bring our [fiscal] 2013 budget to the Hill next year,” Donley said.

No matter what decisions are made at the Pentagon, a shrinking Air Force means that “many installations will look and operate differently,” Donley said during a visit to Robins Air Force Base earlier in the week.

Read an account of several of Donley’s recent speeches on the likely impacts of budget cuts in the Warner Robins Patriot.

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