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Are There Lessons from the Closure of Warminster’s Naval Facility for Willow Grove?

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  • April 13, 2011
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With reuse planning in full swing for Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, the Warminster Patch takes a look back at the region’s effort to redevelop the Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster, located only miles away from Willow Grove in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

After the warfare center, called the Naval Air Development Center for much of its existence, was realigned in the 1991 round of BRAC, the major focus of local efforts was bringing the federal buildings into compliance with local building codes. And similar to the question stakeholders for the Willow Grove air station now are grappling with, the Warminster community needed to address the future of the facility’s runway. Ultimately, it was decommissioned.

The warfare center now is home to an industrial park, a housing development, the Bucks County morgue and emergency response center, and a senior citizens housing complex. The site was designated for closure in the 1995 round and was shuttered in September 1996.

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