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Army Task Force Seeks to Cut Costs, Reform Installation Management

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  • November 28, 2011
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Recommendations from an Army task force created to “critically examine installation management programs, services and organizational structures” are expected to be submitted to Army Secretary John McHugh early next year, an Army spokesman told 360 last week.

The task force has been asked to craft a plan for short- and long-term reforms, according to Maj. Chris Kasker. McHugh established the task force in June to achieve “transformational changes” that would allow the Army to sustain soldiers, civilians and quality of life for military families while shaving costs.

The secretary directed the task force to:

  • prioritize programs and services with the highest impact on quality of life and divest lower-priority programs;
  • reduce overhead costs;
  • eliminate “over-execution”;
  • streamline programs and processes to eliminate redundancy; and
  • reduce costs by leveraging economies of scale and shared services.

The initiative is being carried out by Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary for installations, energy and the environment. Staff from Hammack’s office and the office of the assistant chief of staff for installation management make up the core of the task force.

“Reforming and restructuring the institutional Army — the generating force — is critical to building the Army of the future and supporting the forces of today,” McHugh wrote as part of his directive establishing the task force. “It must be as nimble, agile and adaptive as our operating force — driven by ideas, innovation and a determination to bring the best services and equipment, training and leaders, medical care and support to our soldiers, civilians and their families.”

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