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Array of Strategies Needed to Improve Sustainability

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  • August 1, 2011
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Army Garrison-Hawaii has introduced a variety of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption as part of the Army’s push to increase sustainability at all of its installations.

Many of the changes are being implemented at the garrison’s residential communities. To cut energy usage, garrison housing is using solar power, Energy Star-related appliances, and sustainable designs and materials for all new homes. To conserve water, officials are collecting rainwater and reclaiming wastewater. Other steps the garrison has adopted include the use of alternative fuels, an electric vehicle and a smart-charging micro-grid.

During a recent visit to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary for installations, energy and environment, underscored the link between sustainability and the Army’s mission.

“Without appropriately stewarding energy, water and waste, [the Army is] not able to function. If waste piles up, you can’t do your mission, you can’t travel to the range or have comfortable housing or a headquarters building,” Hammack told Army Garrison-Hawaii public affairs. “You’ll be stuck with what you’ve got.”

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