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BRAC Badly Needed to Operate Efficiently, Air Force Commander Says

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  • February 25, 2013
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The chief of Air Combat Command said last week he would like to close “every third base” under his responsibility to streamline the service’s excess infrastructure and eliminate inefficient spending.

And to make it more likely that Congress goes along with the Pentagon’s request for a new round of BRAC, Gen. Mike Hostage, chief of Air Combat Command, suggested the department reverse the methodology used for selecting bases to close, according to an interview in

Instead of rating installations based on their military value, officials should rank them according to their market value to the real estate industry.

“Let’s turn BRAC around and look at what is the base that has the highest probability of making a successful conversion from military to commercial or civilian use,” he told the publication.

Congress would be more receptive to such a proposal as it would greatly reduce the economic harm to closure communities, Hostage said. It also would produce savings more quickly for the military.

“I guarantee there are bases we could close today, and a week from now, they’d be happily converted, because they are in highly lucrative areas,” the commander said.

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