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BRAC Not Critical to Army ‘Footprint,’ Odierno Says

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  • January 29, 2012
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Army installations likely would not be affected dramatically by a future BRAC round, as the previous one resulted in “a fairly significant consolidation within the Army,” including several major closures, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno told reporters Friday.

“So for the Army, I believe a follow-on BRAC would be — would not have as much impact on the Army because we’ve pretty much done what we want to. … For the most part, we have established our installations,” Odierno said.

It is unlikely a large Army post would be closed in a new round, although some installations could be eliminated, he said.

“In the continental United States and Alaska and Hawaii, you might see a reduction in the installations. But I don’t think that you’ll see a big installation being asked to close. … We think we have the right footprint,” Odierno stated.

The Army’s top officer also said that the administration plans to ask Congress to authorize two new rounds of BRAC, but said he did not know when they would be.

“And so we’ll have to wait to see — we have to work that with Congress, and we’ll see what their thoughts are on that,” he said.

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