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Carter Warns Governors of Sequester’s Impacts

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  • March 3, 2013
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Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter sent letters to the governors of 10 states slated to endure the harshest impacts from sequestration, alerting them to the direct and indirect consequences $40-plus billion in across-the-board spending reductions will heap on their states’ military installations.

The 10 states projected to suffer the most are California, Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, and Washington. All states will be affected, but those 10 will bear the largest brunt, reported American Forces Press Service.

For example, roughly 26,000 DOD civilians work or reside in Pennsylvania, and they will take home $155 million less through Sept. 30. In Virginia, maintenance on 11 Navy ships at Norfolk Naval Base is cancelled, with an associated loss of civilian contractor jobs. In Texas, operations at installations around the state will be affected, including at Red River Army Depot which could lose $1.4 billion.

A ranking of the 10 hardest-hit states on a per capita basis would be somewhat different, led by Hawaii, Alaska, District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. See the analysis in the Atlantic.

Also last week, Carter and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano met with leaders of the Council of Governors to discuss a variety of topics, including the National Guard. Defense and Homeland Security officials agreed to a consultative process with the states for programming and budgetary proposals affecting the Guard. Governors had raised concerns that the National Guard was not taken into account during the budgeting process.

The new process is intended to provide a way for the states to communicate their civil support needs to DOD, strengthen unity of effort and allow for more transparency regarding the strategic context behind Pentagon programming and budgeting, reported American Forces Press Service.

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