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Communities and States Key to Supporting the Needs of Military Families, Cites Task Force

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  • April 18, 2011
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The ADC Military Families Task Force has release its preliminary recommendations on the role of the association in supporting military family and quality-of-life issues.

Established by the ADC Board of Directors earlier this year and comprised of a broad spectrum of public and private members, the task force was charged with determining how ADC and its members can play a leadership role on the broad issues affecting military families. “As you know, there are so many dedicated organizations that provide support and services to our military families. That is not our business. Our members are the ones who bring these resources together, create partnerships and build a strong relationship with the installation,” said ADC CEO Tim Ford about the work of the task force.

The task force’s preliminary recommendations focus on five key areas for engagement:

1.       Understand the current and future challenges facing military families and how communities/states can provide effective solutions.

2.       Establish frameworks and models for encouraging all defense communities/states to be leaders in coordinating local approaches to key issues affecting military families, including education, healthcare, childcare, housing, transportation, workforce development, recreation services, and financial security.

3.       Cultivate and share models for partnerships between communities/states and local military installations that provide long-term support on critical military family issues.

4.       Develop joint advocacy strategies that leverage the power of local/state military support organizations to advance local/state/federal policy issues affecting military families.

5.       Share information, promising practices, and convene communities/state leaders with DoD and other key stakeholders.

In conjunction with the task force, ADC also announced plans for a national summit on military family issues July 18 as part of the ADC 2011 Annual Conference. “Joining Forces to Support Our Military Families,” will bring together hundreds of leaders from communities, regional organizations, and state military affairs offices with federal officials, nonprofits, and the private sector to strengthen the role America’s defense communities play in supporting military families.

“As we all join forces to tackle these important issues, this local/state leadership will be important. Our goal in the near future is to build awareness of the issues and increase engagement so that all defense communities and states begin taking leadership roles to support military families,” said Ford.

The task force will make its final recommendations to the board in May.

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