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Communities Fret over Potential Cuts to Federal Spending

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  • September 7, 2011
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A group of 55 communities with a significant military presence are preparing to take a disproportionate hit from last month’s deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

These military bastions, a term coined by nonprofit Patchwork Nation, have a high percentage of federal civilian workers — 4.5 percent of the workforce — and stand to suffer after the federal government eliminates a projected $350 billion in defense spending over 10 years under the agreement’s first round of cuts.

Failure by Congress to find at least $1.2 trillion in savings during the deal’s second round could trigger up to $600 billion more in cuts to the DOD budget.

Already families in these military bastions transferring to new stations have been forced to cope with a slumping housing market, reports the Patchwork Nation. Overall, these counties have fared relatively well coming out of the recession, recording an 8.8 percent unemployment rate in June, compared to the national average of 9.2 percent.

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