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CR to Allow Navy to Continue Ship Repairs, Forbes Says

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  • February 25, 2013
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The House measure to fund the federal government beyond March 27 most likely will include language allowing the Navy to resume much of the ship repair work it recently has cancelled due the fiscal uncertainty stemming from sequestration and the likelihood the service is funded by a continuing resolution for the remainder of fiscal 2013, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said Monday.

Forbes said he was confident “anomalies” in the stopgap measure would allow Navy officials to shift existing funds into accounts that would cover the maintenance work. Going ahead with the work doesn’t require additional funds, Forbes, chairman of the Armed Services’ Seapower subcommittee, told the Hill.

The Navy previously announced it has cancelled maintenance scheduled for 11 vessels stationed in Norfolk, Va., as well as delayed an overhaul for the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Separately Forbes is introducing legislation that would undo the portion of the sequester that would hit the Pentagon, according to the Hill. His bill would negate almost $500 billion in cuts the department now is slated to absorb through FY 2021.

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