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DOD Office Trying to Break Down Employment Barriers for Departing Service Members

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  • February 22, 2012
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For the past year, DOD officials have been leading an interagency effort to make it easier for service members entering the civilian workforce to earn the job credentials states require for a host of occupations.

The initiative is intended to help state licensing boards recognize service members’ training, education and experience for a broad range of jobs — such as commercial vehicle operators, IT workers and medical technicians — that require either a state license or certificate. Depending on the state, gaining that credential may require additional coursework, testing or a degree.

“That’s what we want; that transferability of training and experience toward requirements for a state license,” Ed Kringer, director of state liaison and educational opportunity for DOD’s office of military community and family policy, told attendees at the National Credentialing Summit, reported American Forces Press Service.

Kringer highlighted legislation enacted by the state of Washington to waive training requirements if a military member already has equivalent training. Last year, six states adopted all or significant parts of model legislation; this year, officials have identified sponsors or succeeded in having legislation introduced in 23 states.

“This is something that is actively moving,” he said.

At the same time, DOD is starting to assess the gaps between the training and experience required for the most common military occupations and the requirements of licensing agencies for corresponding civilian jobs, according to the story.

Results of the interagency effort should be apparent in the coming months, Kringer said.

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