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FAA’s Military Airports Program Has Eight Openings

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  • September 22, 2011
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Former military airfields and joint use airports have two months to apply to participate in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Military Airport Program (MAP), a valuable source of funding for capital improvements.

The fiscal 2012 MAP has eight slots available for new participants or existing participants eligible for redesignation. No general aviation slot is available in FY 2012, according to the Sept. 22 Federal Register notice. Airports can be designated for MAP for up to five years, and may apply for redesignation.

The agency will consider only current or former military airfields at least partly converted to civilian airports as part of the national air transportation system that will reduce delays at airports with more than 20,000 hours of annual delays in commercial service, enhance airport and air traffic control system capacity in metro areas, or reduce current and projected flight delays.

Airports designated for the program can obtain grants for eligible Airport Improvement Program (AIP) projects as well as a variety of projects — including fuel farms, utilities, automobile parking, hangars and air cargo terminals — not eligible under AIP.

The agency plans to designate airport for the FY 2012 MAP, even though it won’t be able to issue capital grants until Congress reauthorizes AIP.

Applications are due Nov. 21. For more information, contact Ken Ball of the FAA Airports Financial Assistance Division at or 202/267-7436.

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