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Land Swap Needed to Save Los Angeles Base, Former Congressman Urges

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  • February 22, 2012
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To increase the value of Joint Forces Training Base at Los Alamitos, Calif., the military should consider trading portions of the installation to the private sector in exchange for construction services on the base, according to a commentary by former California Rep. Steve Kuykendall (R) in the Orange County Breeze.

Such an initiative would allow the military to obtain modern facilities with lower operating costs.

In addition, officials should consider swapping National Guard armories and reserve center sites in the Los Angeles area to the private sector in return for constructing new facilities at Los Alamitos for the displaced units, suggested Kuykendall, a Marine Corps veteran. The strategy would allow communities to develop the armory and reserve center sites for local needs. In both cases, the military would leverage the tremendous value of its property.

The effort would be similar to one he played a role in that supported Los Angeles Air Force Base. Kuykendall, who served one term starting in 1999, authored a provision in a defense authorization bill allowing the Air Force to swap land at the installation to a developer for the construction of new buildings on the part of the site it retained.

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