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Latest IG Report Prompts Renewed Calls for Parking Cap at Mark Center

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  • December 1, 2011
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Virginia lawmakers renewed their calls to limit parking at the Mark Center, following a report from DOD’s inspector general that revealed serious flaws in the Army’s analysis of the traffic impacts that would result from moving 6,400 DOD headquarters workers to the Alexandria complex.

So far only 2,300 employees have moved into the building, but traffic already has been reduced to minimum acceptable standards, according to the Virginia transportation department. DOD plans to relocate an additional 2,400 workers by the end of the month, with the remaining employees slated to move from leased office space in Arlington early next year.

“The IG’s report proves exactly why we opposed this relocation three years ago and have been highly critical of the planning process as it has proceeded. Full occupation of this building will result in serious gridlock for some 200,000 daily commuters who must travel past the Mark Center each day,” Rep. Jim Moran (D) said.

Moran successfully added an amendment last May to the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill that would limit parking spaces at the Mark Center to 1,000 until critical transportation infrastructure improvements are finished, but the language still needs to be reconciled with the Senate’s version of the legislation.

The inspector general found the Army used incorrect information, rendering its transportation management plan’s conclusions unreliable, and failed to properly study the impact of increased traffic on the roadway network surrounding the Mark Center. The inspector general called on the Army to start again and complete another, more accurate, transportation plan.

The Army’s formal response disputed each of the report’s findings and opposed each recommendation, reported the Washington Post.

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