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Pentagon Names New Installation Energy Demonstration Projects

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  • November 20, 2011
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The Defense Department will award funding to 27 new projects proposed by private firms, universities and federal organizations to demonstrate emerging energy technologies on military installations through its Installation Energy Test Bed initiative.

The initiative plays a key role in testing, evaluating and scaling up innovative energy technologies to improve the department’s energy security and reduce its facility energy costs, according to Friday’s announcement by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). The technologies are intended to help DOD installations use less energy and improve energy security by allowing them to maintain critical activities if the commercial electric grid is disrupted.

The fiscal 2012 awards cover five areas:

  • smart microgrids and energy storage to increase the energy security of installations;
  • advanced component technologies to improve building energy efficiency;
  • advanced building energy management and control technologies;
  • tools and processes for design, assessment, and decision-making associated with energy use and management; and
  • technologies for renewable energy generation on installations.

Among the winners, the projects include:

  • Net Zero Energy Installation Virtual Testbed — this project will demonstrate a novel energy optimization process which analyzes packages of energy efficiency measures using automated runs of the EnergyPlus model. The decision support tool enables users to address ‘what if’ scenarios for cost savings, energy savings, carbon emissions reductions and suggested optimal actions based on available budgets.
  • Scalable Sun Simba HCPV Demonstration — this project will demonstrate an innovative, highly efficient, simplified and inexpensive concentrating solar module that uses a patented light guide solar optic.
  • Solar Cogeneration of Electricity and Hot Water — this ¬†technology combines PV and solar hot water technologies into a single integrated solar cogeneration system that extracts much of the sun’s incident power as high-value electricity and delivers the rest as useful heat.

A list of all selected projects may be found on the ESTCP website.

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