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Pentagon Sends BRAC Request to Congress

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  • April 4, 2012
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The BRAC process would look very similar to the 2005 round under the legislative proposal the Defense Department submitted to Congress for the base closure rounds in 2013 and 2015 it is requesting.

The process for appointing commissioners, the milestones and reports DOD must meet before a new round can take place, selection criteria and the rules under which the BRAC Commission would operate are essentially unchanged from the last round, based on a preliminary analysis of DOD’s 36-page legislative proposal.

Lawmakers from both parties have made it clear that they have no appetite to authorize a BRAC round in 2013, but DOD’s proposal still could form the basis for legislative language if Congress chooses to authorize a round for 2015 in this year’s defense authorization bill. Even if lawmakers were considering going ahead with a BRAC round right away, however, they most likely would make at least some changes to DOD’s proposal; perhaps, to the selection criteria.

And if Congress fails to authorize any new BRAC rounds this year, DOD’s proposal still is a useful indication of the legislative language that could be enacted in the future to authorize a new round.

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