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Weymouth Officials Question Paying for EDC

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  • October 19, 2011
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Town councilors in Weymouth, Mass., are asking why the local redevelopment authority for the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station has agreed to pay the Navy an estimated $25 million for a 700-acre economic development conveyance (EDC) when the city of Alameda will be obtaining a 900-acre EDC at no cost at the former Naval Air Station Alameda.

“If it’s good enough for Alameda, it should be good enough for us,” at-large Councilor Brian McDonald told Enterprise News. The councilors voted Monday to send a letter to the town’s congressional delegation calling for them to support a no-cost transfer.

For Kevin Donovan, CEO of the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp., though, the issue already has been settled.

“We have been down that road ad nauseam and the answer is a clear and unequivocal ‘no’ from the Department of the Navy,” Donovan said.

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