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White House Details Sequester Impacts by State

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  • February 25, 2013
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The White House released new documents over the weekend depicting the state-by-state impacts of defense and domestic cuts stemming from sequestration in its latest move to pressure Republican leaders to accept some tax increases as part of a deal to avert across-the-board spending reductions scheduled to be carried out starting on Friday.

Based on temporary furloughs of DOD civilian workers, Virginia would be hurt the most with 90,000 employees expected to lose up to 22 days of work over the last seven months of fiscal 2013. Those workers would lose an estimated $684 million in wages. Next on the list is California, where 64,000 DOD civilians are slated to be furloughed. The remaining states in the top 10 include Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Alabama, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The data also includes estimates for the amount of operating funds the services no longer would be able to spend. Georgia and Texas would each lose $233 million in Army expenditures through Sept. 30, followed by Virginia, North Carolina and Washington. Texas also would suffer the largest cuts of any state due to reductions in Air Force spending, losing an estimated $27 million. Next up would be Florida, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Carolina.

Read the story in Government Executive.

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