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Membership Questions

What types of membership are available?

ADC membership is organization-based – ranging from nonprofits to consultants and everything in between – with individual members acting as representatives of their organizations. Individual memberships are only available for students, sole practitioners and those who are retired or in between jobs. A complete list of membership categories and accompanying dues is available to view online.

Will my membership information be kept confidential?

Membership information collected by ADC remains confidential. Your email or postal address may be sold or shared within our member organization, not sold to outside entities. You can opt out of having your addresses shared at any time by contacting our Membership Department.

Please note: Your name and company information will be listed in the online members-only directory.

When registering for a conference, can others in my organization register as a member?

ADC membership is organization-based. Anyone from your organization wanting to attend an ADC event will be able to take full advantage of member registration fees.

What types of documentation can prove I am eligible for a student membership?

The most convenient form of documentation is a photocopy of your current student ID. You can include this photocopy when you mail us your application. If you apply online, please fax a copy to 202-289-7499, Attn: ADC Membership.

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