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Latest Posts

  • Monterey, Army Enter New Chapter in Municipal Partnership

    Monterey, Army Enter New Chapter in Municipal Partnership

    When the existing contract between the city of Monterey, Calif., and the Presidio of Monterey that governs the city’s delivery of base operation services to the Army runs out at the end of the year, very little will change on the surface. The city will continue to supply the Presidio a range of support services — including engineering services and maintenance functions for facilities, streets, storm drains, grounds, and fire alarm and detection systems — on a cost-reimbursement basis. But Jan. 1 will mark the transition from a contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulation to an arrangement that takes advantage of the authority enacted in the fiscal 2013 defense authorization bill allowing military installations and their host communities to enter into intergovernmental support agreements (IGSAs) for base support services …

  • Expanding Goals of BRAC Could Improve Its Political Prospects, O’Hanlon Says

    Expanding Goals of BRAC Could Improve Its Political Prospects, O’Hanlon Says

    BRAC has always been a hard sell, a point borne out by the Obama administration’s failure to persuade lawmakers to authorize one or more base closure rounds over the past five years. Maybe if the Pentagon were to broaden the aims of the BRAC process from simply winnowing unneeded infrastructure to an effort that simultaneously reinvests in the neglected facilities at enduring installations. Reconceptualizing BRAC possibly could improve its prospects in Congress, Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution, told On Base. A more comprehensive BRAC effort could both rightsize the military’s portfolio of installations as well as reverse the deterioration of facilities that have been underfunded in recent years as DOD has been forced to operate under a budget cap …

  • New Director Looking to Take Air Force’s Partnership Program to the Next Level

    New Director Looking to Take Air Force’s Partnership Program to the Next Level

    After reaching a major achievement last month, the Air Force Community Partnership program is expected to continue growing with a new focus on initiatives with higher returns on investment, says the program’s new director. While the partnership program is “doing phenomenally well,” the service has started to concentrate on initiatives that can be implemented across a variety of installations and that can generate a higher payoff for the Air Force as well as the community, Teran Judd, director of community partnership and encroachment, told On Base …

  • We’re Updating 360!

    Starting Monday, Defense Communities 360 will be getting a makeover. The static five-stories-a-day format will be replaced with a more flexible one that will be easier to scroll through on mobile devices. If you only have two minutes a day to catch up on the news from the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and defense communities, the new format, with its emphasis on streamlined teasers of news articles, will allow you to do that. And if an article piques your interest, you can click on a link to the original story for more details …

  • Stopgap Spending Bill to Avert Shutdown Passes House, Senate

    After a month of negotiations on a stopgap measure to keep the government running at the start of fiscal 2017, the House and Senate on Wednesday approved a short-term spending package that will now go to President Obama for his signature. The continuing resolution (CR) will provide lawmakers 10 weeks to complete work on FY 2017 appropriations and hash out a handful of unresolved policy issues …

  • House Leadership’s Support for Sage Grouse Provision Frustrates Policy Bill Negotiations

    House Leadership’s Support for Sage Grouse Provision Frustrates Policy Bill Negotiations

    The greater sage grouse, a black and brown grassland bird whose habitat encompasses parts of 11 western states, has taken on an oversized role in House-Senate negotiations over a conference agreement for the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill. The House’s Republican leadership is insisting the compromise bill retain language from the House version barring the sage grouse from being placed on the endangered species list through 2025 even though the issue is only loosely connected to the use of military training grounds. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has said he would not allow the final version of the annual defense policy to be considered on the chamber floor without that provision, in a bid to protect energy, mining and ranching interests, reports Defense News …

  • More Marines Would Be Optimal, Review Finds

    More Marines Would Be Optimal, Review Finds

    A new force structure assessment has concluded that the Marine Corps ideally could grow by 8,000 troops, but the service still plans on operating with an end strength of 182,000 Marines. “The path we’re on is to go to 182,000 Marines,” Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commander of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, told Military.com. “That’s what we’re going to be funded for; that’s what we’re allowed to do by Congress. But in a perfect world … we came up with about 190,000; that is the optimized force,” Walsh said. The increase would help the service keep up with a high pace of operations, and the need to expand its cyber and technological capabilities …


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