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Latest Posts

  • Radiation Concerns to Slow Property Transfer at Hunters Point

    Radiation Concerns to Slow Property Transfer at Hunters Point

    The Navy has agreed to suspend any further transfers of property at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco due to several investigations into the falsification of data by its cleanup contractor. In 2014, Tetra Tech admitted to submitting false samples in an apparent effort to show the soil was not radioactive. Last week, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen told U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy that the city “will not accept the transfer of any land until federal and state regulators are satisfied that the land is clean and safe” and the city’s health department validates the decision …

  • County, Scott AFB Renew Airport’s Joint-Use Agreement

    County, Scott AFB Renew Airport’s Joint-Use Agreement

    The St. Clair County Board this week approved a new 25-year joint-use agreement for the airport at Scott Air Force Base in southwestern Illinois. One change from the existing agreement is the threshold for when the Air Force needs to reimburse the county for using MidAmerica Airport’s runway. The previous agreement defined substantial use as 100 daily landings for three consecutive days. The new agreement changes the definition of substantial use to 300 landings or a gross cumulative weight of 5 million pounds of government aircraft landings in one month. If the Air Force reaches the threshold for substantial use of MidAmerica’s runway, the two parties can discuss appropriate compensation, said Airport Director Tim Cantwell …

  • House Vote on Water Bill Provides Avenue to Break CR Impasse

    House Vote on Water Bill Provides Avenue to Break CR Impasse

    After helping to block two procedural votes Tuesday afternoon that would have advanced a spending package needed to keep the government running on Oct. 1, Senate Democrats are waiting to see if Republicans will give in to their demands to extend assistance to Flint, Mich. Following the votes, Senate Republicans said they would consider stripping emergency flood relief for Louisiana and other states from the legislation to address Democrats’ concerns …

  • Wright-Patterson AFB Weighs Options for Future of Historic Homes

    Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio, held two public forums this week to gather input on the future of 89 historic brick homes that are among the Air Force’s last remaining government-owned housing. The homes in the Brick Quarters Housing District were built from 1934-1937 and are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Wright-Patt needs 30 homes for “key and essential” personnel — senior military and civilian leaders required to live on base. The installation’s portfolio of privatized housing does not meet the needs of key and essential personnel as those residences are not large enough or are located too far away from work locations …

  • Federal Funding Uncertain for Health Studies of Water Contamination at Philadelphia-Area Bases

    Federal Funding Uncertain for Health Studies of Water Contamination at Philadelphia-Area Bases

    Federal health officials said they would support a program of blood testing and health monitoring for residents who rely on drinking water contaminated by the use of firefighting foams at two closed bases outside of Philadelphia, Sen. Robert Casey (D-Pa.) said last week. How the effort, estimated to cost $20 million to $30 million over five years, would be funded is still an open question, however. DOD has said federal law prohibits it from covering the cost. At a meeting involving officials from several federal agencies and lawmakers, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they would work with Congress to obtain funding …

  • After 20 Years, Devens Approaches Workforce of 5,000

    After 20 Years, Devens Approaches Workforce of 5,000

    Employment at Devens, the 4,400-acre, mixed-use community in north-central Massachusetts that has taken shape since Fort Devens closed, has jumped 24 percent over the past two years due to growth in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, and professional services. After two decades of redevelopment, total employment among businesses, government agencies and nonprofits at the reuse project managed by MassDevelopment now stands at 4,977, according to a new study by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute. Private sector and nonprofit organizations had estimated combined sales of more than $1.4 billion in fiscal 2016 …

  • 54 Cities Pledge to Address Needs of Military Caregivers

    More than 20 defense communities have committed to expanding local resources for military caregivers in conjunction with the Hidden Heroes Cities program, one of the initiatives introduced as part of the newly launched Hidden Heroes campaign. San Diego became the first Hidden Heroes City this summer, passing a resolution and forming a steering committee made up of public and private organizations to assess and address the unmet needs of those caring for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans. Since then, 53 cities have joined San Diego in pledging to become military caregiver-friendly cities. Some cities are partnering with their county or a neighboring city to create region-wide initiatives …

  • Little Movement on Stopgap with Key Vote Scheduled

    Democratic opposition to the fiscal 2017 continuing resolution (CR) introduced in the Senate last week is focused on the measure’s lack of aid for Flint, Mich., but with the two parties apparently not engaging in negotiations since Republicans filed the bill on Thursday, the prospect of a government shutdown by week’s end is hard to ignore. Democrats’ chief objection to the CR is that it includes emergency flood relief for Louisiana and other states but fails to provide aid to address Flint’s contaminated water system. The measure has met many of the party’s other demands, reported CQ Roll Call …


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