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House Pins Hopes on Passing Informal Conference Report for Defense Bill

  • December 5, 2013
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The best hope for Congress to approve a defense authorization bill for the 52nd straight year is for the House and Senate to take up an informal conference report that top leaders of the Armed Services committees are crafting, Adam Smith (D-Wash.), ranking member of the House panel, said Thursday. With the Senate returning to Capitol Hill at the beginning of next week and the House planning to adjourn Dec. 13, there isn’t enough time for the bill to go through regular order, Smith said …

Armed Services Leaders Work toward Compromise Defense Measure

  • December 3, 2013
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To provide a fallback option in case the Senate does not quickly pass a fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill when it returns next week to Capitol Hill, the top leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services committees met behind closed doors Monday to hash out their own version of a conference report that could be easily cleared by the two chambers before the end of the year. The participants — House Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), House ranking member Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Senate Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Senate ranking member James Inhofe (R-Okla.) — said very little following the meeting …

Armed Services Panels Still Aiming to Clear Authorization Bill This Year

  • November 25, 2013
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Staffs for the House and Senate Armed Services committees will work over the next two weeks toward a compromise version of the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill to help expedite the process of clearing a conference report. After the Senate failed to make significant progress on the measure last week, the chamber is facing a severe time crunch to pass its version of the annual policy bill, S. 1197, before the end of the year …

Defense Bill Could Follow Several Paths to Enactment

  • November 24, 2013
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The House and Senate face a significant time crunch to clear a fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill before the year’s close following the Senate’s failure last week to reach a deal over how to handle amendments, but there are several strategies congressional leaders can adopt to expedite the measure. The simplest way would be for the Senate to strike a deal to expedite debate over the annual policy measure when it returns from its Thanksgiving recess on Dec. 9, either by agreeing to hold a limited number of votes on amendments or by ending debate and proceeding to a final vote …

Fate of Defense Bill in Doubt after Failed Senate Vote

  • November 21, 2013
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A Senate vote to wrap up debate on the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill failed Thursday due to opposition from Republican lawmakers, forcing the debate to wait until the chamber comes back in December and jeopardizing the chances for the legislation to be enacted before the end of the year. The procedural vote would have ended debate over the scores of amendments that had been offered to the annual defense policy measure. It failed 51-44, falling nine votes short of the 60 needed to advance, and left observers skeptical whether the chamber would have a better chance to reach agreement to expedite the measure when it returns from its Thanksgiving recess …

Debate over Defense Bill Bogs Down, Jeopardizing Prospect of Conference Agreement

  • November 20, 2013
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Debate over the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill in the Senate stalled Wednesday as the two parties failed to reach an agreement on how many amendments would receive floor votes, raising the likelihood that the chamber will have to finish debate on the legislation when it returns to Washington following its scheduled two-week Thanksgiving recess. The dispute prevented Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) from holding votes on two amendments dealing with sexual assault after lawmakers spent hours debating the issue …

Plan to Soften Sequester’s Impact Encounters Resistance from Fellow Republicans

  • November 19, 2013
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A plan promoted by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to lessen the impact sequestration is set to impose on the fiscal 2014 defense budget may not gain sufficient support from other Republicans or Democrats in the Senate. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said she would not support the amendment because it relies on cuts in defense spending in future years to offset the smaller sequester rather than reductions to entitlement programs …

White House Highlights Shortcomings of Authorization Bill

  • November 18, 2013
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The White House on Monday said it would not veto the Senate’s version of the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill, but listed a number of provisions, including language precluding a new BRAC round, it has “serious concerns” with. The “Statement of Administration Policy” from the Office of Management and Budget said the administration “strongly objects” to language in S. 1197 requiring a formal review of the military’s overseas infrastructure before Congress would authorize a future base closure round …

Senators Craft Plan to Soften Impact of Defense Cuts

  • November 18, 2013
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Three senior GOP senators are working on an amendment to the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill that would smooth out the $52 billion cut the Pentagon’s current year budget is scheduled to absorb under sequestration. The amendment, which would be introduced by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), is expected to call for the defense budget to take only a $26 billion hit in FY 2014, with the rest of this year’s sequester applied over the next seven fiscal years, reported CQ. If successful, the amendment would allow DOD to avoid a deep trough in its budget this year but, at the same time, limit the growth of spending to only 1 percent annually through FY 2021 …

Senate Likely to Turn to Authorization Bill Next Week

  • November 14, 2013
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday filed a motion to end debate on proceeding to the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill, setting up a vote that likely would allow the chamber to begin debating the annual policy bill next week. It’s still not clear when the floor debate could begin, so prospects for the Senate to finish work on the legislation before lawmakers take off at the end of next week for Thanksgiving recess is uncertain, reported CQ. Reid has said he would like to finish action on the measure before the holiday …

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