Through its annual Defense Community Awards program, ADC honors the achievements and leadership present in our defense communities, on military installations and within the Department of Defense. This is your opportunity to honor an individual who made a difference for defense communities.


ADC will present this year’s awards during the Defense Communities National Summit, June 19-21 in Washington, D.C.

Awards will be given in the following categories:


  • Community or State Leadership

  • John Lynch Base Redevelopment Leadership — updated category

  • Military Leadership

Nomination have been closed for this year. They will open again in the winter of 2018.

The criteria are listed below and the list of 2016 winners can be viewed here.

An individual whose outstanding leadership helps (1) drive the success of a base redevelopment project; and/or (2) build a military-community partnership to enhance the mission of an active installation. A nominee may be an elected or appointed (non-military) official at the state, regional or local level, a volunteer, or the chief executive officer of a local redevelopment authority (or equivalent organization).

This award previously was given to an outstanding local redevelopment authority. Beginning this year, the award will be given to an individual whose outstanding leadership has been essential in ensuring that a community or local redevelopment authority has (1) helped address the community’s specific economic needs following base realignment or closure; (2) shown measureable results; (3) incorporated innovative public-private partnerships; and/or (4) served as a model for other communities across the country. The nominee’s activities must be associated with a redevelopment project that is in the construction phase or has been completed within the past two years. The nominee must be a current ADC member and may not have received an ADC Defense Community Award in the past three years.

An individual from any branch of the military whose outstanding leadership has been essential in building and sustaining partnerships with defense communities that are home to active, realigning or closing installations. The nominee may be active or civilian military personnel who has played a role in defense community issues at any level and who demonstrates vision for establishing new models of partnerships across the country.