Ft. Leonard Wood, Community Groups Sign Partnership Charter

Ft. Leonard Wood, Community Groups Sign Partnership Charter

The Fort Leonard Wood garrison commander, neighboring communities and civic organizations came together Wednesday to sign a charter agreement forming a committee that will provide a forum for local leaders to discuss partnership opportunities and collaborations that are beneficial for the central Missouri post and the region.

The idea to form a community leadership committee grew out discussions over the past two years in which a variety of public and private organizations identified the need for a formalized group to explore partnership ideas.

“Creating this committee is a huge achievement and we are looking forward to the beneficial work it will do for the Fort Leonard Wood region in the future,” said Joe Driskill, executive director of the Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP), according to a statement released prior to the event.

The SOP executive director and Fort Leonard Wood’s garrison commander will co-chair the committee and be responsible for conducting quarterly meetings. The SOP will serve as the advisory and planning body for the committee and will assist in planning regular meetings and establishing working groups to pursue ideas and concepts for new partnerships.

The committee is not intended to make decisions for local governments and other organizations on potential partnership agreements with Fort Leonard Wood.

“We want our region’s citizens to know this is a collaboration forum where members will discuss actions that are in the best interest of their organizations and within the legal limits,” Driskill said. “This committee is simply a great way to bring everyone to the table and facilitate discussion that will strengthen the Fort Leonard Wood region,” he said.

The committee’s inaugural meeting will be next week.


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