Georgia House Forms BRAC Committee

The Georgia House last week formed a 15-member study committee to identify ways to safeguard the state’s military installations in the event a new round of base closures is launched.

“We’ve got to be proactive,” state Rep. John Corbett (R) said Monday. “We can’t wait until we’re on the list to be closed to start,” said Corbett, who was appointed to the committee along with 14 other lawmakers. Moody Air Force Base and Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base are located in counties that he represents.

After four installations were shuttered following the 2005 round, Georgia lawmakers are hoping to avoid a repeat.

“In 2005, we lost four bases out of 13. We really can’t be doing that again,” said Rep. Dave Belton (R), who proposed the study committee. Belton will serve as the committee’ chairman, reported the Glasgow Daily Times.

The committee includes members from all of the state’s defense communities. State Rep. Brian Prince (D) told the Augusta Chronicle that he looks at the committee as an opportunity for other communities to learn how Fort Gordon prospered following the 2005 round. As the home of the school for the Army Signal Corps, Fort Gordon gained a larger role in cybersecurity and electronic intelligence gathering.

The study committee is expected to start meeting this summer and issue recommendations later this year.


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