Los Angeles AFB’s Neighbors Collaborate to Increase Housing Options for Personnel

Los Angeles AFB’s Neighbors Collaborate to Increase Housing Options for Personnel

In an effort to increase the supply of housing for military personnel assigned to Los Angeles AFB, a number of neighboring communities are pledging to encourage property owners to offer service members reasonable rental rates along with other benefits. Under the initiative — spearheaded by the Air Force Community Partnership Program, elected leaders from surrounding communities and the South Bay Aerospace Alliance — participating landlords would waive security deposits and application fees, and offer rates in line with military members’ basic allowance for housing (BAH). Landlords also would include language in rental agreements allowing personnel to terminate leases early if they are issued orders to deploy, separate or relocate.

So far, the cities of Hawthorne, El Segundo and Redondo Beach have signed memorandums of understanding, with several additional communities expected to follow suit later this year. Participating communities would provide Los Angeles AFB’s housing management office a list of landlords who have agreed to provide financial concessions to service members. A summary of the resolution adopted by the Hawthorne City Council states that the rise in housing costs in the Greater Los Angeles area in recent years has made it difficult for personnel to find housing that can be covered by their BAH. Many rentals also require high security deposits, the summary states.

Los Angeles AFB is the home of the Space and Missile Systems Center, the Air Force’s center of excellence for acquiring and developing military space systems, and one of the South Bay’s largest employers.

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  • Olivia Valentine
    April 11, 2018, 2:12 pm

    As a Councilmember for the City of Hawthorne, I am proud that our city joined with El Segundo and Redondo Beach to do our part to make housing attainable for servicemembers at the Los Angeles AFB. We understand and appreciate the value this base brings to all the communities in the South Bay.