New Security Rules Add Hurdle for Visitors to Camp Pendleton

New Security Rules Add Hurdle for Visitors to Camp Pendleton

Visitors coming to Camp Pendleton for reasons other than business or employment will need to register in advance for a background check that can take up to seven days.

The change won’t affect workers on the base or military personnel, but those coming to take advantage of the Southern California installation’s recreational amenities — including the popular bike trail that runs along Interstate 5 — will need to register.

The new policy tightening access was not prompted by any particular threat; rather it’s a response to incidents around the world, said base spokesman Carl Redding.

“We periodically do a security review,” Redding told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Based on various events, we decided to make this change now.”

The main impact of the new rules will be to prevent people making social visits from showing up at the last minute. Local tourism officials said the change shouldn’t present a significant hurdle for the community.

“[People] will still be able to get on base to enjoy those amenities. But there is a process that they have to follow,” said Leslee Gaul, president of Visit Oceanside. “Visitors will no longer be able to get on base last minute.”

Huge annual events, such as the World Famous Mud Run in June, won’t be affected by the new policy, according to Redding.


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