• Pre-Conference Workshop to Explore Origins of BRAC, Likely Focus of Next Round0

    Congress so far has successfully ignored the Obama administration’s requests to hold a new BRAC round, but as Pentagon budget cuts mount, pressure continues to build for lawmakers to approve additional base closures. While the exact timing of a new round remains uncertain, most Washington experts consider a BRAC round inevitable. Next month’s National Summit will feature a pre-conference workshop covering the mechanics of the BRAC process along with insight about past rounds from the executive director of the most recent BRAC commission and DOD’s former installations chief. The session will be moderated by George Schlossberg, ADC’s long-time general counsel, a partner at Kutak Rock LLP and BRAC expert …

  • There Are More Ways than You Can Count to Promote Your Base0

    Community-military partnership organizations, the community-based groups that advocate for the military installations they host, take a variety of forms and employ a number of approaches to support local defense facilities. At a special session at the National Summit, attendees will have an opportunity to learn how two advocacy groups, the Tampa Bay Defense Alliance and Fort Polk Progress, are facing the challenge of sustaining their own organizations while fostering local bases. The session will allow for an informal discussion as the two panelists — John Schueler, president of the Tampa Bay Defense Alliance, and Michael Reese, chairman of Fort Polk Progress — cover the basics of how a community can establish a partnership organization, as well as talk about their latest initiatives for promoting their installations …

  • Navy Poised to Reach 1GW Renewable Energy Goal First0

    By the end of the year, the Navy expects to consume 50 percent of its shore facilities’ electricity needs from renewable sources, which would amount to using 1 gigawatt of renewables, Secretary Ray Mabus said recently. Both achievements would put the service way ahead of the Pentagon’s goals for adopting renewable energy. It’s full steam ahead for all three military departments as they push to acquire a greater share of their installation energy needs from renewable sources. To hear briefings from top energy officials from each of the services outlining their latest plans for expanding their use of renewable energy, don’t miss next month’s National Summit. The Navy is on course to beat the Army and Air Force to two key milestones in the military’s effort to shift its reliance on fossil fuels toward renewable sources, according to a speech Mabus delivered last month …

  • Welcome to ‘View From the Summit’0

    Welcome to View From the Summit, ADC’s official publication for the 2015 Defense Communities National Summit. This weekly newsletter will provide news and insight on the policy and budget decisions being made by the Defense Department and Congress and highlight the key issues to be covered at the summit, which will be held in Washington, D.C., June 22-24.

  • Summit to Include Congressional Staff Reception0

    The first evening of the Defense Communities National Summit will conclude with a networking reception for congressional staff, providing an opportunity for conference attendees to meet staff members of their congressional representatives.

    The reception will be held on Monday, June 22 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Capitol Hilton in downtown Washington, D.C., the site of this year’s summit.

    The reception will follow a briefing for congressional staff to kick off the Defense Communities Caucus for the 114th Congress.

    Please contact the staff for your congressional representatives to encourage them to attend the briefing and reception.

  • Congress Eventually Will Approve BRAC, Right?0

    The fiscal 2016 budget request the Obama administration sent Congress in February was the fourth consecutive year it has asked to hold one or more rounds of base closures, but it’s still highly uncertain when lawmakers will give the Pentagon the green light to embark on a new BRAC.

    If you want to find out the latest inside-the-Beltway thinking on where Congress stands regarding BRAC and when it is most likely to authorize a new round, don’t miss the Defense Communities National Summit. The program will feature keynote speeches from key lawmakers and a roundtable with Washington think tankers.