• Exchanges Propose Running Commissary System

    Exchanges Propose Running Commissary System0

    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) has proposed placing management of military groceries under its control as a way to streamline operations and slash the $1.4 billion federal subsidy supporting commissaries. Commercial grocery retailers would operate commissaries at larger installations under contract with AAFES, while the exchanges would directly operate smaller commissaries, including those overseas …

  • Senators Seek to Eliminate Policy Language Limiting Housing Allowance0

    Language in the Senate version of the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill that would reduce service members’ basic allowance for housing (BAH) payments in many cases, including for dual-service military families and single members living together, should not be included in the compromise version of the legislation, according to a bipartisan group of 18 senators. The Senate language would limit BAH payments to actual expenses for rent and utilities, preventing personnel from pocketing extra payments if they find less expensive housing. The existing system offers military members a flat payment based on their rank and location. But the Senate proposal also would cut the BAH for dual-military couples in half, to prevent each service member from receiving extra housing compensation …

  • Nevada County Opens Industrial Park at Hawthorne Army Depot

    Nevada County Opens Industrial Park at Hawthorne Army Depot0

    A rural county in western Nevada is pinning its hopes for economic growth on a newly opened industrial park inside Hawthorne Army Depot.
    On Tuesday, state and local leaders and Army officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Hawthorne Technology and Industrial Center, which the Mineral County Economic Development Authority is marketing to industrial users that require large amounts of space such as buffer areas. A fireworks firm is one of two companies that already have agreed to lease space at the new business park …

  • Changes to Commissary System Will Be Introduced Methodically, DOD Official Says

    Changes to Commissary System Will Be Introduced Methodically, DOD Official Says0

    While changes are coming to how the department operates military grocery stores, they won’t be implemented in a haphazard manner, according to David Tillotson III, DOD’s assistant deputy chief management officer. Tillotson, who has been charged with identifying ways to reduce the $1.4 billion annual subsidy Congress provides the commissary system, said any changes would be carried out deliberately and with mechanisms in place to ensure they don’t degrade the commissary benefit for military families. “We’ll work on it a piece at a time, and that’s our intention …

  • Evoqua to Provide Wastewater Treatment at NAS Jacksonville0

    Evoqua Water Technologies will provide wastewater treatment services to Naval Air Station Jacksonville under a five-year contract the Navy awarded the firm earlier this month. The firm will provide system design, installation and custom services that will treat inorganic and metal compounds in the installation’s industrial wastewater using its wastewater ion exchange technology, according to a press release. Under the contract, Evoqua will help the air station meet requirements for federal agencies to reduce potable and industrial water usage mandated by an executive order. The firm’s wastewater ion exchange technology is designed to reduce hexavalent chromium and remove cyanide from wastewater streams. The final stage of the wastewater treatment project will rely on an advanced oxidation process to recycle and reuse process water in the facility’s paint stripping area. Evoqua was awarded the contract due to the Navy’s need for consistently high water quality, according to the release. Evoqua plans to expand this project to the nearby Naval Station Mayport and other naval installations across the country.

  • Senate Votes to Stop Commissary Privatization Pilot

    Senate Votes to Stop Commissary Privatization Pilot1

    The Senate on Tuesday voted 70-26 to remove language from the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill allowing the Defense Department to privatize commissaries at five major installations until a study to assess the costs and benefits of privatization is completed. The amendment rekindles a similar effort on the Senate floor last year to postpone the launch of a pilot privatization initiative at military grocery stores …


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