• Texas Legislature Considers Increasing Financial Support for Defense Communities0

    State support for military installations has grown steadily over the past two decades, as evidenced by an expansion in the amounts and kinds of support invested by state organizations to preserve and promote their bases. Installation Innovation Forum 2015 will feature a session on the innovative approaches states and communities have adopted in recent years to support local installations and will highlight examples from a new publication by ADC, State of Support: Highlights of State Support for Defense Installations. The mission of state military affairs organizations has become quite broad, and includes serving as a focal point to coordinate statewide efforts for promoting, preserving and providing mission support to military installations; attracting new military missions; serving as the liaison between state government and installation officials; and fostering growth of the state’s defense sector …

  • KPMG to Help Lead Discussion on Successful P3s0

    Due to aggressive cost-cutting measures, P3 projects are becoming a way of life in the United Kingdom—especially in the defense sector. To date, the Ministry of Defense has established close to 50 P3 initiatives to help support their public sector initiatives.

    One key application has been building of accommodations. The largest of these is the $3.3 billion redevelopment of Colchester Garrison, home to the 16th Air Assault Brigade. Working closely with the Ministry of Defense, KPMG was able to successfully redevelop the 110-building garrison, creating state-of-the-art working and living accommodations for 3,500 troops and 700 civilians while reducing risk and capping costs. Click here to get all the facts on this innovative project.

    Public-private partnerships will be a key topic covered at IIF15, specifically looking at how international examples of P3 defense infrastructure projects might provide new innovative ideas to address pressing installation management issues in the U.S.

  • Mobile Workshop – The Monterey Model in Action0

    ADC and the City of Monterey will host a mobile workshop to highlight the innovative partnership between the city and the Presidio of Monterey. The workshop will take place on the afternoon of Monday, March 16, as part of the [defensecommunities.org/innovation]Installation Innovation Forum 2015 program. Attendees will travel to the Presidio of Monterey and the Presidio Municipal Services Agency to see first-hand how this unique partnership allows the city to provide facility maintenance for buildings, roads, the sewer and electrical system, and heating and air conditioning.

  • OEA Grants Help Wisconsin Vehicle Manufacturer Diversify Economy0

    Beyond resulting in a declining number of personnel at many installations, statutory budget caps also are affecting defense communities as a result of cutbacks in defense spending on weapons programs and other contracts. Similar to the programs it offers communities coping with installation realignment or closure, DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment assists communities dealing with downsizing at manufacturers and other companies supporting the Defense Department. Installation Innovation Forum 2015 will have a special track of sessions on defense industry adjustment, providing affected communities an overview of available OEA support and case studies of how communities are taking advantage of the assistance. Sessions will cover: Success stories — how have communities carried out transitions in the past? Focus on the workforce; and Understanding your defense industry supply chain …

  • Hear Where the Inside-the-Beltway Crowd Believes the Defense Budget is Headed0

    After the two-year Ryan-Murray budget agreement runs out, the defense budget once again will face the threat of sequestration in fiscal 2016 as the president’s budget request exceeds the Budget Control Act cap on defense spending by $35 billion. Installation Innovation Forum 2015 will feature a Defense Policy and Budget Town Hall to provide attendees the insight of several Washington experts: Robert Hale, the past Pentagon comptroller and now a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton; Lucian Niemeyer, a former staff member for the Senate Armed Services Committee and now the president of the Niemeyer Group; and Stephen Browning, chief strategy and development officer for Weston Solutions. In a recent interview, Hale said he believed Congress likely will strike a moderate deal relaxing the $499 billion cap on the Defense Department’s fiscal 2016 base budget …

  • Installation-Community Partnerships Share Common Challenges0

    Tightening budgets are prompting the military services to look for new ways to deliver installation support, and collaborations with community entities and service providers are emerging as a cost-effective alternative. Building partnerships will be a key theme at Installation Innovation Forum 2015, with a variety of sessions exploring new ideas on how the military, its host communities and the private sector can collaborate to provide base support services more efficiently. One session will take a close look at how each of those players can come together to improve an installation’s energy security by combining renewable energy sources with traditional off-the-grid ones. Forming new relationships among the parties will require a number of obstacles to be overcome, according to Michael Ferriter, the Army’s former assistant chief of staff for installation management and commander of Installation Management Command …