• President’s Pledge Accelerated Effort to End Veteran Homelessness0

    The federal government has made significant progress in the fight to end veteran homelessness despite failing to meet President Obama’s pledge to eliminate the problem by the end of 2015. Veteran homelessness has dropped 47 percent since 2010, when Obama set his goal. And since the beginning of 2015, about 30 cities and counties have met federal benchmarks signaling progress in housing homeless veterans. “We knew that those were all going to be tough goals to achieve,” Ann Oliva, deputy assistant secretary for special needs at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, told Stars and Stripes. “But we thought they were doable, and if we made the right policy decisions and had the right data and resources we needed, we could [make] progress, which is what we did …

  • Higher Academic Standards Would Benefit Virginia’s Military Families, Op-Ed States

    Higher Academic Standards Would Benefit Virginia’s Military Families, Op-Ed States0

    Virginia’s public schools have a reputation for high standards, an attribute that historically has made serving at a Virginia military installation a favorable assignment for military families. Recently, however, an independent education organization found a significant gap between students’ proficiency scores on the state’s Standards of Learning assessments with their scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests. The discrepancy of about 35 percentage points indicates the Virginia Department of Education has lowered its learning standards to improve students’ proficiency scores, writes Sandy Law, a military wife and mother of three sons, in a commentary in the Richmond Times-Dispatch …

  • Oklahoma Corrections Department Becomes First State Agency to Join Army Hiring Program0

    Oklahoma officials held a ceremony at the state Capitol on Tuesday to mark the Department of Corrections’ participation in a hiring program for active-duty personnel in the Army and its veterans. The ceremony also marked the introduction of the first state agency to the Partnership for Youth Access initiative. Forty-seven businesses in Oklahoma already have joined the program, reported Stars and Stripes. The initiative provides soldiers, recruits and members of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps a guaranteed interview for employment during their time in the Army and after separating …

  • Number of Homeless Veterans Continues to Drop0

    The nation has cut the number of homeless veterans by 47 percent since 2010, when the Obama administration vowed to completely end veteran homelessness. “We have just about cut veterans’ homelessness in half. We’ve helped bring tens of thousands of veterans off the streets, but we’re not slowing down,” President Obama said Monday at the Disabled American Veterans convention in Atlanta. “We will not stop until every veteran who fought for America has a home in America.”

  • Veteran Training Center to Open near Robins AFB

    Veteran Training Center to Open near Robins AFB0

    Two Georgia universities on Tuesday will open a $10 million facility near Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins that will offer academic courses and workforce training to help military veterans successfully transition into civilian careers. The Veteran Education Career Transition Resource Center will serve as a one-stop shop for separating service members re-entering the workforce or higher education. The center’s 10 employees — including success coaches, financial aid managers and representatives from the state Department of Veterans Services — will work with veterans to ensure their military training is recognized as they pursue certificates or associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees …

  • Public Grossly Overestimates Propensity for Veterans to Experience Mental Health Issues0

    The misperception held by a significant portion of the public that more than half of veterans who have served since 9/11 suffer from mental health problems is hampering veterans’ prospects of successfully transitioning into civilian life, according to veterans advocates. A study conducted by the George W. Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative revealed that about 40 percent of 1,000 surveyed adults believe more than half of the 2.8 million veterans who have served since 2001 have a mental health condition. The actual figure lies somewhere between 10 percent and 20 percent, according to a Rand Corp. estimate, reported Military Times. The survey also found that 80 percent of veterans say embarrassment or shame is a barrier to seeking treatment for traumatic brain injury or combat-related mental health conditions …


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