• Army Promises to Fix Private Housing Problems

    Army Promises to Fix Private Housing Problems0

    Army leaders are outlining ways to improve privatized housing standards after damning congressional testimony and a barrage of negative news stories from Reuters and others, and a Military Family Advisory Network survey showing the majority of military families have had bad housing experiences. “Our instinct is this is bigger even than what’s been reported,” Army Chief

  • Army Working to Boost Quality of Life

    Army Working to Boost Quality of Life0

    The Army is working on several efforts this year to enhance quality of life for military families, according to Military.com. “We enlist soldiers, but we retain families,” Army Secretary Mark Esper said this week at an Association of the United States Army event. The Army is planning to improve access to child care and reimburse

  • In Our Communities

    In Our Communities0

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) appointed retired Air Force Col. Joe Zeis as senior adviser for aerospace and defense. DeWine promised last year that if elected he would create the cabinet-level position that reports directly to him…. The Air Force will start sending its new aerial refueling tanker, the KC-46A Pegasus, to the New Hampshire