• Survey: Military Families Want to Feel More Connected to Communities

    Survey: Military Families Want to Feel More Connected to Communities0

    Almost half of military families do not feel connected to their local civilian communities, according to a new survey by Blue Star Families. “Military family respondents identified increasing the availability of military spouse jobs as their top recommendation for improving a sense of belonging to their local civilian community,” Blue Star Families writes in an

  • Suicides Up in Army

    Suicides Up in Army0

    The Army has made progress in preventing suicide but “more work needs to be done,” an Army spokeswoman told Army Times last week after data showed suicide up 20 percent in the Army in 2018. Across all services, suicide ticked down slightly. The latest DOD data shows the problem is most acute among active duty

  • Communities Strengthen Military-School Links

    Communities Strengthen Military-School Links0

    Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton, commander of Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., said a recent community summit to discuss military children education is “the beginning of a long journey that will require the engagement of the entire community,” according to a Forbes column by Jim Cowen, executive director of the Collaborative for Student