Air Force Offers Incentives to Trim Civilian Workforce

To cope with reduced funding in the coming fiscal year, the Air Force is offering civilian employees the opportunity to voluntary separate or take an early retirement.

The decline in FY 2012 funding was prompted by the secretary of defense’s efficiency initiative that holds civilian manning at FY 2010 levels throughout DOD, the Air Force reported.

“Complying with lower civilian funding levels requires adjusting the size of our civilian workforce by about 1 percent this next fiscal year,” said Maj. Gen. Sharon Dunbar, the Air Force director of force management policy. To reach that target, the service plans to use its voluntary early retirement authority and to approve up to 6,005 applications for voluntary separation incentive pay.

“These voluntary programs will also help generate flexibility to balance positions with mission priorities,” Dunbar added.

Air Force officials previously implemented hiring controls in May, followed by a 90-day hiring freeze that went into effect last month. Much like the voluntary programs, the temporary hiring freeze and ongoing hiring controls are designed to reduce the size of the civilian workforce and generate vacancies for permanent employees whose positions may be restructured, transferred or eliminated, the general said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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