Appropriators Urge DOD to Eliminate Spending on Excess Property

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees highlighted the importance of eliminating “wasteful spending” on unused properties rated at “zero percent utilization,” according to the joint explanatory statement accompanying the military construction portion of the fiscal 2014 omnibus.

“The DOD is urged to manage its facilities and properties in a responsible manner that does not waste taxpayer resources,” the appropriators added.

Appropriators also emphasized their support for projects that promote conservation, green building initiatives, renewable energy and energy security. The fiscal 2014 spending bill includes $150 million for the energy conservation investment program, along with $10 million for planning and design.

The statement said the lawmakers commend the leadership of DOD and the services for making energy efficiency a key component of construction on military installations, and it urged the department to use the planning and design funds to invest in innovative renewable energy projects as well as those that enhance energy security.


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