Berger Officially Takes the Reins as Marine Corps Commandant

Berger Officially Takes the Reins as Marine Corps Commandant

Marine Corps Gen. David Berger spent his first full day as the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps Friday after his formal appointment attended by his family and then Acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who is also expected to soon join Berger in the Pentagon’s top permanent ranks.

The formal Marine Corps appointment in front of Berger’s wife and his four sons, including two of whom are Marines, was held late last week as leadership at the Pentagon is going through significant transition.

After his confirmation to the Marine Corps’ top military role, Berger said he remains humbled and proud not only to be the next commandant, but to continue his service alongside Marines, reported.

“I’m very excited about the Marine Corps and where we’re going,” Berger said. “I don’t stay up all night worried about the Marine Corps or the world in front of us.”

Berger’s challenge as commandant will likely be keeping up with the Marines he’ll lead, he said, who are pushing to adapt to a rapidly changing environment full of new threats.

Berger said he will be meeting with his senior leaders to discuss his vision for the Marine Corps and hear their feedback “right up front,” he said.

“All of us are taught pretty early on to have some pretty firm ideas on where you want to go, but leave room for their organization to help you see things that might not be on your mind,” Berger added. “So, I’ll intentionally leave a quarter or a third for other leaders to tell me, ‘OK, we need to fix this.'”

Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Robert Knapp


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