BRAC Cleanup Spending Surpasses $25 Billion

Congress has allocated a total of $25.3 billion from fiscal 1990 to 2011 to clean up installations closed or realigned under the first four BRAC rounds. Adding in the $323.5 million included in President Obama’s request for FY 2012 would bring the total to $25.7 billion.

The Senate Appropriations Committee included the spending summary in the report accompanying the FY 2012 military construction and veterans affairs spending bill it approved June 30. The committee’s recommendation for the BRAC 1990 account matches the president’s FY 2012 request; the House’s milcon spending bill, meanwhile, would boost the funding to $373.5 billion.

The Senate may begin debate on the milcon spending bill this week. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) yesterday scheduled a procedural vote for Wednesday on a motion to call up the measure.

The committee report, S. Rpt. 112-29, is available on Thomas. The bill is a substitute version of H.R. 2055.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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