BRAC Not on Horizon, Senior Republican Lawmaker Says

As the 2005 BRAC round nears its conclusion, apprehension as to when, or if, a new base closure round will be held is growing in many defense communities across the nation. To date, no official with the power to request a new round or authorize one has said he or she is contemplating doing just that.

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, in response to a question Tuesday from the Huntsville Times editorial board, said he has not heard any talk about a new round.

“I haven’t heard much about that,” Shelby told the newspaper. “I don’t see any need for a BRAC right now,” the sixth most senior Republican senator added.

And as far as Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal, which is benefiting tremendously from the latest BRAC round, Shelby told the editors he would like the Justice Department to expand its presence at the arsenal. With the investment DOD has put into the arsenal since 2005, the installation is on solid footing into the future. he said.

Shelby’s assessment follows last week’s statement by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus that he is not aware of any effort within DOD to plan for a new base closure round.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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