Committee Weighs in on Air Force Criteria for Basing RPA Units

While praising the Air Force’s stationing process for new units and missions, the House Armed Services Committee lists the factors it believes the service should consider when making basing decisions for remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) units, according to language in the committee report accompanying the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill.

The Air Force should assess:

  • the ability of a military installation and its associated or adjacent training areas to support the unit or mission;
  • the capacity of a military installation to accommodate the unit or mission;
  • the costs associated with the stationing, basing or laydown action; and
  • encroachment and environmental considerations.

“Further, the committee is supportive of basing criteria that leverage available Air Force infrastructure and existing quality of life and base support facilities, and pairs RPA units with related missions,” the committee states.

More generally, the committee said it was supportive of the Air Force’s strategic basing process as it “provides a thorough, consistent and transparent process for basing decisions.”

The committee approved the annual defense policy bill April 28.


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