Conger’s Nomination to Comptroller’s Office Stuck for Now

John Conger’s wait before the Senate votes on his nomination to be the principal deputy to the Pentagon comptroller could last a while longer.

Conger — who currently is the acting assistant secretary of defense for energy, installations and environment — was nominated for the new post on March 4 by President Obama, but the Senate Armed Services Committee has not yet held a confirmation hearing.

His nomination, along with that of several others for senior civilian positions at the Pentagon, is being held up by Committee Chair John McCain (R-Ariz.). Prior to Congress’ July Fourth recess, McCain said that hearings on those nominations would not be scheduled until “we find out whether the president is going to veto [the defense authorization bill] or not,” reports Military Times

Obama has pledged to veto this year’s policy bill over several concerns, including its reliance on the department’s war account to evade the statutory spending caps and its failure to authorize a new BRAC round.

McCain also acknowledged that the suspension is payback for the move by Senate Democrats to force through dozens of nominees in the last days of the 113th Congress. McCain has scheduled hearings in the coming weeks on the nominations for a number of top military posts, however.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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