GAO Highlights Need for DOD to Improve Tracking of Underutilized Facilities

In a report presenting 66 actions the federal government could take to improve efficiency, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reiterates the need for the Defense Department to improve its processes for identifying underutilized facilities as a prerequisite for consolidating or disposing of unneeded facilities.

The congressional watchdog agency cited its earlier recommendations calling for DOD to modify its procedures for updating and verifying data on the utilization of facilities, and to establish a strategic plan to manage its real property. The plan should include long-term goals, strategies and use of metrics to help the department identify potential consolidation or disposal opportunities.

“Without a way to better collect complete and accurate utilization data and without a strategic plan to help manage DOD’s efforts in improving its utilization data, DOD may be limited in their ability to achieve the full potential of cost savings,” according to the report.

GAO, however, stated that it could not quantify the potential savings associated with its recommendations because of DOD’s lack of reliable data to track underutilized facilities and to measure the cost to operate and maintain individual facilities.


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