House Appropriators Concerned about Delays in Transferring BRAC 2005 Sites

At some BRAC 2005 closures, additional cleanup requirements being imposed by state regulators could delay the transfer of properties to local redevelopment authorities, according to the report of the House Appropriations Committee accompanying the fiscal 2013 spending bill for military construction and veterans affairs.

As a result, the committee encourages DOD’s deputy undersecretary for installations and environment to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to reach “remediation agreements with standards allowed under current BRAC law.” The lawmakers direct the Pentagon’s inspector general to provide Congress a report on additional issues that delay land transfer at BRAC 2005 closures and increase costs for DOD six months after the legislation is enacted.

The committee found out about the potential for delays and increased expenses beyond the original project scope from the Army.

The milcon spending bill approved by the committee last week would provide $10.6 billion for military construction programs in FY 2013, a $2.4 billion drop from current year spending. The committee report is available on the committee website.

The Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark up that chamber’s draft milcon spending bill today.


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